[peeragogy-handbook] Project Action Review (PAR) for 27 December 2020 Peeragogy Housekeeping Meeting

Contact Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory contact at mr.danoff.org
Sun Dec 27 19:32:57 UTC 2020

Hi, Peerple!

We had an awesome housekeeping meeting today! If you weren't able to
join and are curious what we discussed, please review the Project
Action Review, or PAR, below. If you have any questions or comments,
please reach out!

= Attendees =

* Charlotte Pierce
* Vitor Bruno
* Joe Corneli
* Lisa Snow MacDonald
* Stephan Kreutzer
* Dawood Rahimy
* Ray Puzio
* Charlie Danoff

= PAR =

== 1. Review the intention: what do we expect to learn or make together? ==

* Update project plan spreadsheet


* Don't want one person to be saddled with a task, so assign to groups

* Wanted to create breakout meetings and we did discuss some of those,
but this needs to be explored more (perhaps on Zulip?)

== 2. Establish what is happening: what and how are we learning? ==

* Voice conference + people volunteering + asking people if they want
to do some of these

== 3. What are some different perspectives on what’s happening? ==

* Charlie thinks today was really fun!

== 4. What did we learn or change? ==

* Started to build up little interest groups + need to make sure we
cross-fertilize to avoid silos (e.g., with corn, you need lots of rows

* Rhythm of meetings per group (e.g., everyone's interested in All
Other Business, or AOB)

* Interest groups to meet as needed

== 5. What else should we change going forward? ==

* Website! http://peeragogy.org

* Not use "guys" use peerple

* Charlie to set up twice a month meetings for handbook version 4

* Charlotte to set up calendar meetings for podcast

* Monthly software meeting? + new Zulip channel for those interested

* Update pattern for heartbeat

* Discussed new patterns for checklist

* Happy new year!

* Should be speaking together about ideas we have (#ideas? "New ideas" meeting?)

* Talk about what should we do with PARs like this one? - Create a
repository for them?

* When we want to speak about ideas — it's OK to speak w/ each other
1-1 or meetings as needed, and share summaries as needed

* Create a blogroll for people to share other stuff they are working on

* Create a quarterly business meeting for all other business, with
next next business meeting on 28th March at 11:30 USA Central Time, to
revise as needed

* Attend Charlie's poetry thing on Friday if desired! — Twitch!

= More Notes =


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