[peeragogy-handbook] Peeragogy Handbook Version 4 Production Meeting Zero on 1/28/2020 Meeting Minutes

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We had a great meeting today to launch our 2021 work on version 4 of the

If you're available please join us for our next meeting this Saturday,
January 30th at 5 to 5:30 PM UTC / 2 to 2:30 PM BRT / 11 to 11:30 AM CST

You can find a video of today's meeting on Google Drive here


And find the notes on this Google Doc


I've also put the notes below

1 Meeting 28 January 2021

1.1 Housekeeping

Where to put the agenda?
Just the peeragogy public calendar
At the macro-level, trolls would be a sign of us becoming popular enough
for trolls…
Moving from privashing to publishing
Hills Pond!
Cashews, Baby-belles, Cherries, Chocolate…

1.2 Charlie’s agenda for Meeting 0

1.2.1 Foreword

As an example: https://peeragogy.org/foreword.html

1.2.2 1 | Check-in and get individual outside peeragogy life updates from
people if they want to share

95% Zulip fixed

1.2.3 2 | Legal

Has everyone signed the waiver? Still comfortable? Any questions? Update
for 2021 to include mailing lists and zulip? And preprint of the paper?
Annual license?
Maybe people don’t understand what they are doing when they first sign it…
Public Domain is a bit weird for people
Podcast attendees haven’t been giving explicit licensing… This should go
into the Podcast checklist.
YouTube upload allows CC By (Attribution)
If people sign CC Zero, then we can upload as CC-By… we can also move stuff
to Archive.org…

1.2.4 3 | Review planning documents for handbook

2021 Plan Spreadsheet for Peeragogy Project, Including the Handbook
2020 Roadmap for Completing the Handbook — it is mostly out of date
Charlie and Joe to prune

1.2.5 3A | Translations

Translations Folder One
Translations Folder Two
There is a lot of translation stuff…
We could throw it all together?
As we’re working on v4 we could be working on the translations…
Maybe we can find someone who could be a Translations editor?
It may make more sense to do the Intros in multiple languages (e.g.,
Spanish, Russian)

1.2.6 4 | What roles should we have? How many roles can people play?

Charlie (Convened this meeting!): ‘Project Manager’ + ‘Production Manager’
role — ‘keep this moving to completion’
Charlotte… ‘Publisher’: ISBN, marketing, Amazon, outreach, Accelerators
Joe: ‘Editor’ / ‘Editorial Director’ (?): Trying to pre-process existing
notes into a revision plan, and do the revisions

1.2.7 5 | Foreword in the 3rd edition of the handbook

Review the notes

1.2.8 6 | Do a PAR

1.3 Links to editorial notes produced so far:

Preface — Ctd. — Ctd. 2
Motivation — Ctd.

1.3.1 TODO How are we going to use these?

1.4 Before-Action Planning:

“In this situation, given this mission, if we take this action, we will
accomplish that outcome.” — Learning in the Thick of It (HBR, 2005)
Situation: We have some preprocessed introductory material
Mission: We want to produce PHv4

1.4.1 TODO Discuss the Actions:

Carry on with the editorial note-taking, focusing on the patterns and
assembling a plan of action around them.
Work on CLA using the existing PARs.
Start to assemble an Introductory Section (?) using the notes collected
above and Lisa’s intro material?

1.5 Show-and-tell

1.5.1 Quick Demo

Joe: C-c R to run org-scrum-board-peeragogy.
This will produce a short list of next steps attached to the patterns
Software connect up with the patterns

1.5.2 Look at initial notes from a CLA

‘What is our vision for change and how is progress measurable?’
‘People should be able to use the tools they are familiar with’
How to make engaging with these materials more accessible to everyone who
wants to, e.g., type things during meetings?
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