[peeragogy-handbook] notes handbook session 30 January 2021

Joe Corneli joseph.corneli at hyperreal.enterprises
Sun Jan 31 21:31:40 UTC 2021

* 1 | Check-in and get individual outside peeragogy life updates from people if they want to share

- Joe’s sister got a loaner dog to reduce stress
- Future of work workshop
- Writing for 1st Friday
- Consultancy
- Using Miro/Mural
- from last time, the sense of ‘Give me something to do in this meeting!’

- Reviewing notes from last time
 - Emphasising ‘waiver’ for ‘work for this year’
 - Maybe the overall ‘waiver’ topic is something we should put into the introduction!
 - There are some materials in Italian & Portuguese (by Hermano?)

* 2 | Action item follow-up: what roles do people want to play and discuss the Preface

- Possible translation work for Graziano & Hermano
- Roles...
 - Hermano: I am at a personal point where I can’t commit much... but when I can grab my hands on it..
 - Hermano: What I just did is mentoring on a course for export over e-commerce (as Director)
 - It could be documented... but it also happened “By itself” among 150 companies (80 active)
 - The most valuable thing is not the or structure, mentorship... but a WhatsApp group that they are in!
 - The women entrepreneurs there are having a ball, it’s all unguided — the only thing we are doing as moderators is to deal with 1 badly behaved person
 - Every Monday we have a Newletter, based on reading the thing (learned from Howard)
 - The course Finishes by the end of February, but WhatsApp is permanent
 - vTeX is sponsoring it ($1B company); and they will allocate a moderator...
 - This is the same as when we did the review after submitting the paper, there was an epiphany
 - This is the same kind of epiphany — this is what PHv4 needs to explore
 - It just happens?  Why and how do things go viral?
 - I worked in Greylock company (Reid Hoffman), had Adam Nash there, he was VP for growth...
 - He was humble enough to say, “we don’t know why LinkedIn went viral”
 - The only thing we can do is measure and see that something did become viral, then try to pinpoint later
 - And it’s the same at the other viral projects: and they don’t know what clicked
 - “What clicks collaboration into the next level?”
 - It’s digital tools... We can keep asking it.  But, what are the KPIs when things become really collaborative?  CKPI?
- Graziano: someone who takes part but not super active, but who is allowed to listen & share ideas... in 5th Edition can give some help!

* 3 | Review planning documents for handbook

- Peer-action plan template
- Hermano has been doing something similar, points out that there’s a missing link on the ‘next task’
- Normally you would have things that are parallel

* 4 | What software tools do we want to use

- Teeth might mesh if we used spreadsheet for meeting agenda?
- Meeting is not a ballet where we need to coordinate every move
- Granularity should correspond to the size of the team... if it’s a small team, then we don’t need so much?
- Blog about making the blog collaborative
- If needed have a tools upskilling session — for now get all the tools on a list

* 5 | Collaborative Scenario planning for how book production will go

- As described in “[[https://arxiv.org/abs/2012.03736][Patterns, anticipation and participatory futures]]”
- Not next Saturday, but Saturday the 13th at this time ½ hour

* 6 | Do a PAR


* Postscript (Joe, 31 January 2021)

Regarding Item 3, above, my colleague Leo in the Emacs Research Group
has some nice extensions for the Emacs Org Agenda, online here:

This may be worth integrating with my preliminary attempts to add Org
Mode TODO items to accompany the pattern Next Steps... but regular Org
mode TODOs might work too.

Using Org Mode to manage a collaborative agenda is perhaps a bit
experimental at present, and anyway, Org Mode isn’t required to
participate in the project, however, it’s the tool I’m preferring myself
for various reasons.  The version of the book I’m actively editing is
viewable here: https://peeragogylabs.github.io/PeeragogyORG/ and the
sources are here: https://github.com/PeeragogyLabs/PeeragogyORG ...

That’s especially useful if anyone wants to play along using Org Mode!

But otherwise, you can get existing contents from various places, edit
it with whatever tools you like, and discuss here.  If there are
questions about how to make this work well, please bring them up, since
others will likely have the same questions.

Dr Joseph A. Corneli (https://github.com/holtzermann17)

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