[powerdev-hosting] POWER Linux Information and Access to POWER Expertise

Robert MacFarlan Robert_MacFarlan at us.ibm.com
Thu Jan 19 00:57:06 UTC 2012

Hi Folks,

First, I'd like to thank Lance and the OSL for setting up and hosting the 
POWER7 systems they have received.  Thank you very much!! 

Next, I'd like to thank the Projects that have decided to come aboard and 
work to improve / ensure the portability of their code and better support 
the Power Architecture.  Thank you!

As more and more projects start coming online, I wanted to make folks 
aware of a recently created resource hosted by IBM for the Power Linux 
development community.  While arguably a bit cumbersome, it does provide 
access to a wealth of information and access to IBM Power Linux folks in 
the Linux Technology Center and elsewhere.  Need something, ask a 
question.  We are hoping you will help by asking those questions, 
contributing content, and participating more broadly in the various venues 
and forums.  It is easy to join/register - just need a valid email 
address.  You won't be spammed by IBM in any way, unless of course you 
chose to in your profile.  :-)

Please take a look at the TPL Community site - 

We also have a Facebook page and Twitter account for those so inclined - 
http://www.facebook.com/thinkpowerlinux  and 
https://twitter.com/thinkpowerlinux respectively.  We'd love to see you on 
those forums as well. 


Robert MacFarlan
Strategist and Community Architect
Linux Technology Center

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