[osuosl-powerdev] IMPORTANT: OP720 Migration

Lance Albertson lance at osuosl.org
Thu Nov 1 02:36:16 UTC 2007

Lance Albertson wrote:
> All-
> As promised (though, sadly a bit late on my part), I have the new power5
> machine ready for you all to start copying your stuff over to. I've been
> working pretty hard getting it setup, but I'm still not finished on a
> few parts. I've created a small page [1] explaining a few of the
> features of the new power5, but its far from complete.
> I have to shutdown the current op720 (aka ibmop720.osuosl.org and/or
> cottonwood.osuosl.org) by Novemeber 1, so please copy anything you want
> to the new server by then. If you miss the cutoff date, don't worry
> because we'll make a backup copy of your home directory and can get
> things from it afterwards pretty easily.
> The new setup uses ldap and ssh keys inside of ldap. I took the liberty
> and went ahead and added everyone that had been active in the last six
> months, including their ssh keys. For now, we don't have an easy way for
> you to update your keys that are in ldap, but we plan on creating a
> simple script in the future for it. If you want us to change the ssh
> key, please send an email to support at osuosl.org and we'll fix it for you
> manually.
> So, here's the login information:
> ssh <username>@ibmpower5.osuosl.org (also known as hazelnut.osuosl.org)
> If you have any questions, please respond to the list that way other
> people can see the answers. Once again I'm sorry for the short notice!
> [1] http://powerdev.osuosl.org/powerdev-environment

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the last day we'll have the
current op720 (cottonwood) available for you to move your stuff over.
After tomorrow, you will need to ask us to retrieve your files manually.


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