[osuosl-powerdev] ibmpower5 offline

Lance Albertson lance at osuosl.org
Tue Aug 10 22:43:53 UTC 2010

We had some issues with ibmpower5 (aka hazelnut) today and attempted to
reboot the machine to try and resolve them. Upon rebooting, we
encountered some errors and now the machine is not bootable. We're
looking into getting the machine back online but I do not have an ETA
thus far and it may be a couple of days.

We've actually been considering rebuilding the machine for a while now
so we may end up doing that. It might also be a chance for us to clean
house a bit and revamp the way we use this machine. I will send more
updates as we have them.


Lance Albertson
Systems Administrator / Architect                        Open Source Lab
Network Services                                 Oregon State University

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