[Puppet] Release process

AJ Johnson alexander.johnson at puppetlabs.com
Wed Nov 18 21:19:30 UTC 2015

Unsupported Release Checklist

   - In your own fork, name your branch version_prep (<version>_prep)
   - Look at the pull requests, see if there are any easy merges.
   - Update Metadata.json updated appropriately, ie bump the version number
   follow semver.
   - CHANGELOG updated  (A new section for this release, including a
   summary, bug fixes section and possibly a features section)
   - README - including all changes for that release.  (necessary if
   features are added didn’t document the changes)
   - Update the summary with something that describes what the module is
   capable of; something meaningful for the customer making a decision between
   our modules and other modules in search results.
   - Check Acceptance tests pass

   Symlinks - make sure we don't have any
   find . -type l


   Build the module
   COPYFILE_DISABLE=1 puppet module build


     Inspect the tarball (pkg/tar.tf)  ( looking for swap files, or any
   other strangeness)
   tar -tf puppetlabs-*.tar.gz


   Compare the metadata.json to the one in pkg
   diff metadata.json pkg/<module>-<version>/metadata.json

   If there is a difference there will be issues with the checksums., copy
   the json file from pkg
   - Push your changes, once you are happy.

*Uploading to the Forge*


   Notify QA & Release teams on Friday or Monday prior

   In a fresh folder checkout the module master (git clone
   - Puppet module build from release candidate that you want to tag
   (COPYFILE_DISABLE=1 puppet module build)

   Inspect the tarball (pkg/tar.tf)
   tar -tf puppetlabs-*.tar.gz

   - Log into the Forge as puppetlabs. Upload the tar to the forge.

Tagging in Git


   *only if uploading to the forge passes*
   git fetch upstream
   git rebase upstream/master
   git tag -a -m "<version>" <version> SHA
   git push upstream --tags

   (SHA, last entry from git lg --all )
   - Create respective fix version in JIRA, included release date
   - Release on Tuesday (unless it's an emergency, which releases would
   occur asap)

[Experimental] Unsupported Release Checklist

Please note this checklist is not currently in use anywhere. We have
proposed this workflow for unsupported releases and want to try it with a
small subset of the unsupported modules. The initial set of modules have
not yet been selected. (See documentation here

   - Community member requests release
      - MODULES ticket is submitted with request for release, including SHA
      - PR is submitted including CHANGELOG and metadata updates
   - Module Engineer Signoff
      - Check for Symlinks
      - Check for extra files
      - verify metadata matches PMT output
   - Release consensus
      - Go over requested releases in the weekly triage
      - Check with community for +1/-1
   - Merge release prep PR
   - Release on Tuesday (unless it's an emergency)


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