[Puppet] Module testing blocker

Jeffrey Borcean jeffrey at osuosl.org
Wed Feb 17 15:09:45 UTC 2016

Hello team,

We seem to have hit a blocker in running the acceptance tests against motd;
resulting in a crash sating "`rescue in find_only_one': There should be one
host with database defined".  See the full output here [1].

As part of the debugging process I used pry to step through what beaker was
running and further examine the failure. This did not yield much useful
information aside from seeing that it would fail after entering

I reached out to Ian who suggested I use git bisect to find a commit
between when we had gotten tests working and after QA had done work on the
modules. With that I found commit 0e3c8359de85efc8a17c39406fbc49f815c9841f to
be the most recent commit against which tests would execute cleanly.

Questions for you:

Are we calling the beaker tests correctly?
bundle exec rake beaker

And to test against something other than default.yml
env BEAKER_set=ubuntu-server-1404-x64 bundle exec rake beaker

Would it be beneficial to have a QA engineer that we can ask questions
regarding the differences between how we test and how the QA team tests


Thank you,

Jeffrey Borcean
Student Systems Engineer
OSU Open Source Lab
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