[Puppet] Update/Today's Meeting (5/11)

Kenneth Steinfeldt capt_tuttle at osuosl.org
Wed May 11 16:01:41 UTC 2016

Hey guys,

I apologize for not getting an update email together for you, we have all
been absolutely slammed with projects/exams for the last two weeks, and I
have been unable to get our notes together.

Current status: we are now passing 30/36 tests, so we're almost there.
However, since getting to 30 passing tests we have not yet had a chance to
start debugging the remaining 6, a quick look seems to indicate that the
script is attempting to run AIX tests on non AIX builds, and those are
failing for obvious reasons, but like I said, we haven't really dug into
this yet.

As for today's meeting; Jeffrey and I are available to make it today,
however, as I haven't been able to put our notes together, all I have to
report is what I stated above. We are more than happy to be there, but, as
usual, I want to give you guys the opportunity to get some time back this
week, as I know you're both busy. Things should be getting back to nomalish
now, so I will definitely have something more substantial for you next week.

Please let me know what you'd like to do,
Thank you.

Kenneth Steinfeldt
Student Systems Engineer
Oregon State University | Open Source Lab
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