[Pydra] Pydra working with Ubuntu 9.10

M O Faruque Sarker writefaruq at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 16:27:26 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I've managed to install and run pydra on my  lenovo X60s notebook
running Ubuntu 9.10. Here's my own recipe:

1. I installed most of the required packages by aptitude:

sudo aptitude install python-django python-twisted mysql-server
gnutls-bin phpmyadmin

2. I used phpmyadmin to create mysql user/db for pydra. It's fairly
easy. Just point your browser to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and from
Priviledges -> Add a new user (pydra)
Of course do't forget to create a table same as user

3. I build pydra from Git repo and just run
python setup.py install

4. Starting up the db and generating the certificates can be done as
usual from pydra/scripts:
pydra_manage syncdb
pydra_web_manage syncdb

For simplicity I didn't put any info in last step except the no. days
for certificate expiry (I put 360)
lastly I copied the generated certificate files ca-cert.pem &
ca-key.pem to /var/lib/pydra.

5. To test everything open 5 shells and run them separately

tail -f /var/log/pydra/master.log

sudo scripts/pydra_master

sudo pydra_web_manage runserver

tail -f /var/log/pydra/node.log

sudo pydra_node

6. Now you can follow the instructions from pydra website

and play at http://localhost:8000/

7. Also don't forget your passwords for web/database server that you
put during installing them. For simplicity they can be kept as

That's all for today. But I have noticed a minor warning in master log:

[WARNING]  Failed to load tasks from: mapreduce (mapreduce.py) -
cannot import name SQLTableSlicer

Any clue for this ?

Thansk and best regards,


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