[Replicant] pinephone chief wants to ship phones to a replicant manager denis please read this post

Joonas Kylmälä joonas.kylmala at iki.fi
Wed Aug 14 16:25:53 UTC 2019


I'm not personally interested at this time (maybe in the future) but
maybe adtjm, dllud, GrimKriegor or GNUtoo are?


ni nhar:
>  After asking the ceo of pine64, the company which
> manufactures the pinephone, some
> questions in a pm on the pine64 forum, he answered me.
> He says, he wants to ship pinephones to a
> replicant manager. He did not
> tell which version of the pinephone, prices or
> anything else.
> He wants a replicant manager to write him an
> email. He wrote me his email
> address. But I do not know if I may publish it
> here. According
> to
> https://redmine.replicant.us/
> denis is a replicant manager. Therefore denis tell
> me who and how I should give
> a replicant manager the email address if replicant
> wants
> the pinephones.
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