[Replicant] pinephone chief wants to ship phones to a replicant manager denis please read this post

ni nhar ninhar at inbox.lv
Thu Aug 15 13:50:55 UTC 2019


> As GNUtoo pointed out, we must first finish
> Replicant 9 and then we
> could potential move on to device ports such as
> Pinephone.

I am a layperson and I cannot argue with you. If you
say the approach is to complete replicant
9 for current replicant devices and
then move it to pinephone, then I cannot
argue against that. It is more on an intuitive
level I would expect
something would be gained getting familiar with
the phone.
Also getting in touch with other programmers. Because
several systems are being tested about the pinephone.
Postmarket OS
KDE Plasma Mobile
Sailfish OS build
Maemo Leste
Nemo Mobile
If the programming does not get coordinated on a
location like gitlab,
isn't duplicating work what can happen? Or can't the
different systems supplement each other?

> he can allocate
> someone from within
> pine64?

I would say no.
Companies like pine64 and
orange pi and others' strategy is to provide
computers only.
That is why they can sell at the prices they do. It is
up to others to get the software made. I think
that is what armbian.com is about.

I think the raspberry pi spread because raspberry
pi was
able to both offer a low price and ready for
user software.

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