[Replicant] pinephone chief wants to ship phones to a replicant manager denis please read this post

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Fri Aug 16 02:43:30 UTC 2019

On Thu, 15 Aug 2019 16:50:55 +0300
"ni nhar" <ninhar at inbox.lv> wrote:
> I am a layperson and I cannot argue with you. If you
> say the approach is to complete replicant
> 9 for current replicant devices and
> then move it to pinephone, then I cannot
> argue against that. It is more on an intuitive
> level I would expect
> something would be gained getting familiar with
> the phone.
Practically speaking I probably wouldn't work on that phone before
finishing the port of Replicant to Android 9.

> Also getting in touch with other programmers. Because
> several systems are being tested about the pinephone.
> Postmarket OS
>  UBPorts
> KDE Plasma Mobile
> Sailfish OS build
> Maemo Leste
> NixOS
> LuneOS
> Nemo Mobile
We have nothing to test right now as Replicant 9 isn't ready.
Android isn't the same than GNU/Linux and right now we need to do quite
some work (which is being done in Replicant 9) to support devices
already supported by upstream GNU/Linux.

> If the programming does not get coordinated on a
> location like gitlab,
> isn't duplicating work what can happen? Or can't the
> different systems supplement each other?
Once we have Replicant 9 working, we should be able to easily support
some of the basic PinePhone hardware, but for things like the modem,
GPS and so on we would need to look into using upstream GNU/Linux
components not to duplicate any work if we don't need to.

That said, I would be very interested in writing to the
Pinephone chief or team to discuss weather certain hardware changes
could be made in order to make sure that it could work out of the box
under Replicant.

The most problematic issue I saw right now is the WiFi, which won't
work under Replicant as it seem to require nonfree firmwares.

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