[Replicant] Redmine update broke Forum activity feed

Fil fil.bergamo at riseup.net
Sat Aug 17 10:07:44 UTC 2019

Never mind...

I thought it was just a simple URL change, but it seems like a Redmine
server-side issue instead.
So, I withdraw what I wrote before. I'm not solving the issue with any

I will coordinate with Kurtis to open a ticket on OSUOSL..



On 17/08/19 11:30, Fil wrote:
> Hi, all.
> Just to quickly inform that the last Redmine update has somehow broken
> the "Replicant forums" feed on the homepage.
> I am working on a quick patch to solve that.
> Should anybody be already doing the job, please notify me so that I
> don't duplicate the effort uselessly.
> While I'm at it, I am removing the Git Feed altogether, as per the
> latest discussion on this list.
> The patch should be ready before Monday.
> Cheers,
> Fil
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