[Replicant] Working groups and sub-project

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Wed Aug 28 22:57:14 UTC 2019


At the end of the Replicant contributors Meeting in Paris we discussed,
with the people remaining, how to make it more easy to contribute to
Replicant and how to make it more welcoming.

In this discussion I mentioned that we could have working groups: it
would enable people to more easily work together on a specific topic.

For instance Community Internet service providers in France typically
use that. You would have a group of people working on providing a SIP
network while another group (of possibly the same people) would work
on getting access to the fiber network for instance.

They have separate mailing list and meetings to coordinate the work.

Practically speaking we could identify areas of work (Replicant
installation manuals, Replicant network infrastructure, etc) and make a
sub-project in Redmine and possibly a distinct mailing list for that.

Having a sub-project would also enable to scale better by having the
sub-communities managing the sub-project.

People present when we discussed that were mostly in favor of the
general idea.

So I was wondering what you would think about it, for instance is it
still a good idea, and/or how to put it in practice.

At the end of the day the idea is to enable people to feel more
welcome and empowered to collaborate and collaborate more easily.

So one of the risk of it would be that the sub-communities
would be isolated and that there would be duplication of work, less
reviews, and less knowledge about their work.

As the work on managing the Replicant infrastructure (Redmine updates, 
the git.replicant.us virtual machine, etc) is separated from the rest
of the work on Replicant (wiki contributions, forums, patches for
graphics, porting to Android 9, etc) I was thinking of making it a
subproject of Replicant:
- It would have its own mailing list
- It would also have its own sub-project in Redmine.

Here since not many people are working on it and that there isn't much
to move we could easily try if it works for a small group of people.

To test with a bigger group of people other areas of work might be
better suited like the installation documentation for instance.

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