[Replicant] phone OS comparison and app alterntives

Fil fil.bergamo at riseup.net
Sat Feb 9 15:48:27 UTC 2019

Hi, Fil Lupin.

On 02/09/2019 01:03 PM, Fil Lupin wrote:
> 2. Newcomers would like to be able to install the same apps they used
> on android.
> Possibilities to keep applications they used should be given, through
> alternatives (f-droid, etc.), keeping application data and even
> downloading app without google account in the case the app is not
> available in another repo than google play.

Keeping in mind that Replicant cannot suggest and/or document ways of
installing/maintaining non-free software, this has a section of its own
in the wiki [1].
IIRC, you have been given wiki editing rights. If not, please remind me
to do so.
Also, I'd like to point out that in the case of a freely-licensed
application not being present on F-Droid or on any other
free-software-friendly repo, then it's more correct and sustainable to
apply for the inclusion of such application upstream (be it F-droid or
any other), rather than suggesting a quick workaround (e.g. to download
the apk somewhere else).

> 3.It would be useful if topic titles are prefixed with the same
> "[solved]" string.
> Id would allow:
> (...)

Well, this is ultimately up to the original authors of forum posts.
There are no appointed forum maintainers.
I am one of the few that can edit other people's posts, but I don't
intend to apply for this task, as it would be EXTREMELY time-consuming.
It would be much more sustainable if the authors themselves modified the
title accordingly, when they think their question is "solved".

> If it seems interesting to the community, I could propose some page
> content for at least the 1.

As Joonas pointed out, the git repo for the website is available at [2].
The encouraged way of proposing modifications to the website is to:
- clone the repo
- do your modifications locally
- test them thoroughly
- send a patch to the mailing list

Happy hacking,


[1] https://redmine.replicant.us/projects/replicant/wiki/UsageNotes
[2] https://git.replicant.us/replicant/website/

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