[Replicant] review repwifi

ni nhar ninhar at inbox.lv
Wed Feb 27 17:18:57 UTC 2019

> The latest Replicant image is 0003, and was
released on the 10th of
> December 2017.
> The previous release was 0002, on 10th of
September 2017.
> You can see the build date in "About phone".
That should tell you which
> release you're running.

settings -> about phone

build date 10 dez 2017
build number i9100 userdebug 6.0.1 

> [1]

I followed the instructions in the link and
uninstalled replicant.

fdroid version is 1.5.1
If I search for repwifi it only finds repwifi
version 0.5, the version I
uninstalled, it is greyed out and cannot get
installed. No
install or download button.

Suggestions on how I get the newest repwifi installed?

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