[Replicant] Was: [PATCH 2/2] tuna_defconfig: sync CDC Ethernet support with other devices

Joonas Kylmälä joonas.kylmala at iki.fi
Mon Jun 3 17:08:07 UTC 2019


okay, I don't want to spend more time reviewing these ethernet support
patches so unless somebody else objects to these patches in one week and
you feel confident in them please go ahead with pushing them.

(I'm trying to focus my efforts again on Replicant 9.)


Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli:
> Ah I remember now.
> It's not that It didn't arrive, it's that I had patches for other
> devices to also add Ethernet support, and I didn't manage to validate
> that it worked fine for a reason or another.
> Since this patch sync with the patches that I didn't send yet, it
> didn't make sense to send it, and I forgot to make sure that the patch
> only had something like 1/1.
> I also didn't test that patch yet.
> I've attached other patches I mentioned.
> For:
> - lineageos_i9100: Add support for USB Ethernet adapters
> - lineageos_i9100_defconfig: Add CDC Ethernet support
> This wasn't reliable at all but it might be because the batteries I have
> are too old and don't have enough mAh left...
> Old batteries that have very few mAh remaining usually don't stand high
> peak current usage as well as the ones in good state, and plugging an
> USB Ethernet adapter which, according to lsusb, is supposed to drain at
> most 100mA, might have been too much.
> That kind of issues are even more visible with external WiFi adapters
> as that can drain 500mA maximum according to lsusb.
> For:
> - lineageos_i9300: Add support for USB Ethernet adapters
> - lineageos_i9300_defconfig: Add CDC Ethernet support
> - lineageos_i9305: Add support for USB Ethernet adapters
> - lineageos_i9305_defconfig: sync CDC Ethernet support with other
>   devices
> I've probably decent batteries. I don't remember if something was wrong,
> or if I didn't have the time to test it. I probably need to test it
> again.
> Denis.

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