[Replicant] Replicant contributors meeting in Paris (France) in July

Fil fil.bergamo at riseup.net
Wed Jun 26 20:27:05 UTC 2019

Hi everybody,

any news about the actual location for the meeting?
I'd like to buy my accommodation as soon as possible and I'd prefer to
stay close to the venue if possible..

Cheers! :)


On 18/06/19 16:45, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Jun 2019 10:32:40 +0000
> Fil Lupin <fillupin at protonmail.com> wrote:
>> just to let you know I could not ask for wikimedia place today.
> On my side I've asked for 3 locations, here's the status:
> - I've asked to the "Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie", and I didn't
>   get a response yet, most probably because my contact there is on
>   holidays or something like that.
> - I've asked for the FPH, and I got the same issue.
> - I asked to the French free software association (April), and I got
>   a response. They are ok with lending us the place for that
>   week-end however they need someone to stay with us to be able to do
>   that. That person needs to either be:
>   - An employee from the free software company that owns the place. 
>   - An employee of April.
>   One employee of April may be interested in going to the meeting,
>   depending on how technical it is.
> Denis.
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