[Replicant] Assembly at 36C3 - Call for ideas and help

dllud dllud at riseup.net
Tue Oct 29 07:27:25 UTC 2019

Hi everybody,

== Intro (skip if you know all about CCC) ==

As some of you may know, the 36th edition of the Chaos Communication
Congress (36C3)[1] is going to take place on December 27-30 in Leipzig
(Germany). The Chaos Communication Congress (CCC)[2] is one of the
largest hackers' gatherings in the world, only rivaled by DEF CON. Every
year it features many talks and workshops on subjects ranging from
security and cryptography to software and hardware freedom. As one of
the best of its kind, CCC usually has groundbreaking talks, some of
which[3] have been a valuable source of information for Replicant.

Alongside the main event, CCC has countless activities, spaces and
facilities. One of the most notorious is it's own GSM network[4], which
can prove much useful to test Replicant's Radio Interface Layer (RIL).

Furthermore, and like other conferences of its kind, CCC provides an
open space where projects can have their own home base. This home base
is called an Assembly[5], and that's where projects show off their
latest features or even hold their own workshops or talks. Assemblies
usually organize themselves into thematic clusters where they share
resources such as a stage or audio/video gear, thus avoiding duplication
of costs and effort.

== Replicant at 36C3 ==

This time around, as at least a handful of Replicant contributors voiced
(on IRC) their willingness to attend 36C3, JeremyRand took the
initiative and found a place at the Critical Decentralization Cluster
(CDC)[6] where Replicant can have an Assembly.

If you are a Replicant user/contributor/fan/watcher, and plan to attend
36C3, your help would be greatly appreciated. We must properly idealize,
organize and run our Assembly, to make the most out of it, and help grow
our community.

Even if you are not planning to attend 36C3 there are lots of things
where you could help. Ideas are much welcomed, as well as hands-on help
creating stuff (e.g posters) to show off at the Assembly.

For those planning to attend, please take note that the first public
ticket pre-sale[7] takes place on November 8 at 11:00 UTC.

Since no one else stepped forward, I took the responsibility of
attending the meetings and handling the communication with CDC. It all
happens in IRC at #monero-ccc (Freenode).

In order to organize Replicant's Assembly, here's:
- what we can expect from CCC: one table, some chairs, power connection,
WiFi network, GSM network.
- what we can expect from CDC: a stage with audiovisual and recording
- what CDC expects from us (i.e. from each assembly): help on assembly
and tear down, hardware lending (they will provide a list soon), money
contributions to cover some costs (e.g. projector rental), a short
presentation of the project to be held on the cluster stage, more
technically in-depth talks if we wish to.

In order to make our presence known in the midst of so many interesting
projects, we must bring something that attracts people and sparks the
conversations. The first thing that comes to mind is some Replicant
supported devices running both Replicant 6 and the development builds of
Replicant 9. That should and will be done.
However that's not enough. We need something that gets people to
approach our table in the first place: signs, posters, roll-ups,
anything. Anybody got an idea of what can we take? Extra points for
something that is easy to carry on a plane and reusable (e.g. FOSDEM 2020).

I was thinking about this: one of those thick canvas, with holes for
ropes (so that we could hang it above our table), printed with the
Replicant name + logo + some small sentence, rectangular in form with
about the size of a table. (Does anybody know the proper English name
for this thing?)
- Pros: compact, can be rolled and carried on a plane (at least as hold
luggage), reusable (if not containing dated info).
- Cons: needs someone to design (anyone available?), will cost some
money (50€?, have to check), does not work on low light conditions
(perhaps I can take one of those small 5W LED projectors to point to it
at night time).

Comments? Opinions? Suggestions? - All welcomed.


[1] https://events.ccc.de/congress/2019/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_Communication_Congress
[4] https://events.ccc.de/congress/2019/wiki/index.php/Static:GSM
[5] https://events.ccc.de/congress/2019/wiki/index.php/Static:Assemblies
[6] https://decentral.community/
[7] https://tickets.events.ccc.de/36c3/

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