[Replicant] Android applications on ‘real’ GNU+Linux – Anbox?

dllud dllud at riseup.net
Tue Jul 28 15:49:22 UTC 2020

Hi James,

Gajim seems to work natively on postmarketOS:
I guess this is your best bet for a XMPP client.

As for using Android apps on GNU+Linux, it seems that Anbox is the only
working software available.
Both postmarketOS and UBports are using it:

We are planning to port Replicant 10 (once ready) to the PinePhone.
Perhaps you may wish to give Replicant a second try then. On the
PinePhone we can have GPU-accelerated graphics thanks to the Lima
driver. That will help a lot with the user experience.


On 28/07/2020 10:24, J. R. Haigh wrote:
> Hi Replicant team,
> 	I've recently preördered a PinePine (Community Edition Convergence Package, PostmarketOS-branded), and having had a poor experience with Replicant, I'll most likely be using one of the proper GNU+Linux distribution that support it rather than anything Android-based. However, there are a number of Android applications from F-Droid that I'm keen to continue using, particularly Pix-Art Messenger and Open Camera.
> 	On Pix-Art Messenger's Jabber channel on Sunday evening, Anbox was recommended to me, but I don't see it in the repositories of either Debian or Guix. Also, their website seems flashy and far detached from the Free Software community. They mention Google Play without mentioning F-Droid.
> 	Are there any alternatives to Anbox that have more of a connection with the Replicant project and F-droid? What would Replicant developers recommend for using Android applications on proper GNU+Linux?
> Kind regards,
> James R. Haigh.

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