[Replicant] VoLTE

Tad tad at spotco.us
Tue Nov 3 17:49:24 UTC 2020

Carriers across the world are currently phasing out and re-farming 2G and 3G
spectrum for upcoming 5G.
Furthermore phone calls and SMS cannot be made on 4G without an IMS stack.

On the Android side of things:
There is currently no work on open source IMS for Android.

On the "Linux phone" side of things:
The PinePhone and Librem 5, with their EG25 and PLS8 modems respectively, handle
IMS/VoLTE internally.
Aside from sending an AT command to choose an appropriate profile for the
carrier, there is nothing required in kernel/userspace.
They appear to be the only currently viable options for phone calls in 2021
going forward.

I don't have any solutions.
I just want to start a discussion about it.
Food for thought.

I considered posting this to the F-Droid forum, but felt it might be more
applicable here.


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