[Replicant] Replicant 6.0 0004 RC4 images are ready for testing.

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Fri Feb 5 21:34:37 UTC 2021

Followup: After fresh install of 6.0 0004 RC4 on maguro/i9250, all bad items are fixed (except blank/black screenshots).

PS. One "camera" app was actually com.android.gallery but it is called Camera and displayed with a camera icon in settings, apps.
February 4, 2021 5:42 AM, free.toefails at e.email (mailto:free.toefails at e.email) wrote:
> - From Replicant 6.0 0003 to Replicant 6.0 0004 RC4

I have tested this on an nexus/maguro/I9250.

Given listed telephony and black screen issues of RC1 and RC2 on this device, testing those seems pointless?

Similar results as reported for i9305.

What I did:
Wiped and installed recovery and 0003 according to instructions.
NO Wifi or Bluetooth extras.
Email app and Camera app Force stopped, cleared cache/data, disabled.
Date & Time set to 24-hour format
Battery indicator changed to show %
Installed Davx5, Silence, Simple Draw, Orbot and Torbrowser with apk install using latest apks from f-droid or torproject.
Set Orbot for VPN mode
Setup Davx5, checked Calendar and Contacts sync.
Start Torbrowser, connect, set Safer mode. Bad: Crashes when trying to enter URL or going to What's New in menu.
Draw sketch with Simple Draw, and save.
Installed Simple Gallery and Privacy Browser from apks. Draw sketch. Verified Simple Gallery displays sketch, and Privacy Browser at check.torproject.org displays "configured to use Tor." Saved bookmark.
Tested phone call and text message.

Updated to 0004-rc4 recovery and OS according to instructions (except side-loaded OS zip).

Orbot works OK
Calendar seems OK
Simple Draw works OK
Simple Gallery works OK
Davx5 has previous setup.
Privacy Browser works OK, saved bookmark works.
File Manager works.
Clock and battery settings, and disabled apps are preserved.

Frequent popup: android.process.acore has stopped.
Phone and Silence Crash quickly and give above message.
Two camera apps are shown in All apps (when none will work).
Contacts doesn't list anything, and gives above popup when hitting Refresh
Screenshots display as solid black.
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