[Replicant] [libsamsung-ipc] Add Initial support for herolte and request for testing

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Tue Feb 16 19:17:43 UTC 2021


I've finally managed to find the time to address all (my) remaining
comments for the herolte patch (from Tony Garnock-Jones).

Thanks again for the patch.

As for the background about the review process, the idea behind having
extremely strict code reviews is to be able to maintain support for
devices without actually having the devices, and without spending too
much time on maintenance. As Linux is using this model, we know it can
at least work in some circumstances.

As I did several slight functional code changes it would be best if
someone with that device (like Tony for instance) could test that

The next step for me on this code will be to try to find the time to
move part of the generic code to enable other device specific code
to use them.

For instance all the partition handling code looks really useful
more generally speaking and it could be reused to get rid of some
temporary hacks in the new device and modem drivers that are being
worked on for Replicant 11.

As for the patch that adds support for RFS to ipc-modem that was in
the previous patch serie from Tony, I've already started addressing
some of the comments but I've not finished that yet. It's available
in a branch in

If someone wants to help with that, feel free to ping me on #replicant
on Freenode or reply to this mail if you want help and you need to
synchronize with our work on that. I can also open up new git repos
on git.replicant.us if necessary.

In addition to the patches that will follow in a response to
this mail, here's an URL to the see the patches in a web interface:

And here's how to get them in a git repository:
git clone https://git.replicant.us/GNUtoo/hardware_replicant_libsamsung-ipc
cd hardware_replicant_libsamsung-ipc
git show 5da5cfd8294bf1d1603d62371bd8ab2c511e131a


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