[Replicant] [libsamsung-ipc] v2 for Add Initial support for herolte patchset

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Tue Feb 23 14:37:02 UTC 2021


I've now fixed the issues I found in the v1 I sent earler. As it now
depends on 2 more (tiny) patches, I added them as well in this serie.

I still needs people to test the support for the herolte. If it's not
tested I'll probably need to merge it as-is, but we won't know that 
code still works for bootstraping the modem.

Still I've the original patches in a branch.

Not merging this patch is also not an option as it should be
maintainable even without the device, and it would be sad to
loose that work. I've also subsequent work that depends on it 
(its partition handling code is moved in a more generic part and
reused in the board code for Replicant 11).

In addition to the patches that will follow in a response to
this mail, here's an URL to the see the patches in a web interface:

And here's how to get them in a git repository:
git clone https://git.replicant.us/GNUtoo/hardware_replicant_libsamsung-ipc
cd hardware_replicant_libsamsung-ipc
git show 56ff64110d57570454a4a308419190cae74b133e


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