[Replicant] Trying to reflash Samsung Galazy Tab A6, but encountered "FRP lock".

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Mon Jul 12 01:36:08 UTC 2021


At some point, I don't recall where, this device (Samsung Galaxy Tab A6)
was identified at i9100, but now that I've done a factory reset lsusb
only says:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Galaxy series, misc. (MTP mode)

I've managed to put it into Download mode, retrieved the pit file and
attempted to reflash the RECOVERY partition and the BOOT partition
with heimdall but it fails with this message on the device:

"Custom binary blocked by FRP lock"

I've searched and found various ways that supposedly allow this block to
be removed, but none work.  

The recovery.img (twrp) is supposedly for this exact device, the
boot.img allows for rooting it, but I can install neither.

This page:


has the instructions I followed and the images I downloaded.

Is there a way to bypass this "FRP lock"? There appears to be no way to
do anything on this device without a google account, or without an
internet connection.

Is there any hope for re-flashing this apparently wery well locked-up
piece of ...  hardware?  When I saw i9100, which is supported by
replicant, I was hopeful...


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