[Replicant] Review of MicroG and collaboration with Free Software Directory

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at hyperbola.info
Fri Jul 16 13:05:48 UTC 2021

Is there any review being done related to the software freedom status of
MicroG ? I was informed that it calls/connects to Google/Firebase Cloud
Messaging servers anyways and, while I don't think this alone makes it
non-free, I think we should still add an "antifeature" banner for the
related pages (so as to possibly foster discussion for a way out
similarly to how the XMPP XEP for Push Notifications envisioned it).

As an addendum, perhaps working together with the reviewers of the Free
Software Directory might be a good idea, although I'm no longer a
reviewer myself (I was once, but now as a member of the Backlog Admin
Group, I focus on the client-side technical issues of the FSD).

If you do think that working together with the FSD is a good idea, just
let me know and I'll send an email to their mailing list asking if they
do accept Replicant/Android-only entries/reviews (they currently accept
those which must at least work on GNU+Linux, but I think this might be
due to lack of resources to review the entries). You can also send the
email to the FSD yourself, if you want to.

Besides, I'm just a Replicant user, so I know nothing about how both
Replcant and Android work. Forgive me if this idea seems absurd or if it
would require many more resources than those related to GNU+Linux.

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