[Replicant] [vendor_replicant-release-scripts] [PATCH 1/2] Rename releasebuild.sh to build_release.sh

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Fri Mar 5 10:43:04 UTC 2021

The releasebuild name could make people think that this script
will release a build. Instead it builds a release. So it's
better to rename it to reflect that.

Signed-off-by: Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli <GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org>
 README.txt                          | 2 +-
 releasebuild.sh => build_release.sh | 0
 release.sh                          | 2 +-
 3 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
 rename releasebuild.sh => build_release.sh (100%)

diff --git a/README.txt b/README.txt
index 9964b46..0f5f9bb 100644
--- a/README.txt
+++ b/README.txt
@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ As a point of comparison, for the Replicant 6.0 0004 RC2 release which supported
 n7000, n7100) after the build the replicant-6.0 directory took about 219 GiB
 (228773716 bytes).
-After that, you can finally start building all the images with releasebuild.sh.
+After that, you can finally start building all the images with build_release.sh.
 The build process can many hours on an older computer, so it's a good idea to
 plan that ahead. For instance, if your build computer is noisy and that its
 noise can prevent you from sleeping, you might want considering launching the
diff --git a/releasebuild.sh b/build_release.sh
similarity index 100%
rename from releasebuild.sh
rename to build_release.sh
diff --git a/release.sh b/release.sh
index f380f8b..5f2b059 100755
--- a/release.sh
+++ b/release.sh
@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ RELEASE_TOOLS_DIR="$REPLICANT_DIR/out/host/linux-x86/bin"
 RELEASE_TOOLS="adb fastboot heimdall mkbootimg unpackbootimg"
-RELEASE_SCRIPTS="release.sh releasediff.sh releasetag.sh releasevars.sh releasebuild.sh"
+RELEASE_SCRIPTS="release.sh releasediff.sh releasetag.sh releasevars.sh build_release.sh"
 RELEASE_SECURITY="media.x509.pem platform.x509.pem releasekey.x509.pem shared.x509.pem"

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