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Hello Andres,
Good to hear your prompt reply, I will have to download the stock image at some point as I never made a backup of this in the first place assuming Replicant would work out of the box. Is it OK to use PGP?

The thing in my case is everything works under Lineage, even when going from Replicant to Lineage... I was hoping that since dumbphone assistant wouldn't detect the sim, the problem could have been something else.
All the best
    On Friday, 5 March 2021, 22:34:56 GMT, Andrés Domínguez <andresdju at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Hi md.
Replicant not detecting the SIM card it's increasingly often. It happened to me, my i9300 stopped detecting any SIM card. I Installed Lineage and it didn't fixed it. Then I flashed the modem.bin rom in the RADIO partition and it didn't fixed it. But installing stock (samsung) images including modem.bin and booting stock Samsung Android fixed it. Then I reinstalled Replicant and it works fine so far. Some other Replicant users have reported booting stock also fixing it for them.

My guess is that either the emmc flash is failing (our Replicant devices are becaming quite old and used) and the RADIO partition gets corrupted or Replicant corrupts it. Because Lineage or Replicant can't work after flashing modem.bin I suppose that it requires an initial configuration that only stock Samsung Android knows how to do. You can send me a private email if you want to know were I downloaded the stock images.

I hope it helps to you,Andrés

El vie, 5 mar 2021 a las 23:13, m d (<mdreplicantmd at yahoo.com>) escribió:

Hello everyone,
Following an email to Denis this morning, do I need to subscribe to this mailing list or can I message without subscription?
This is to find out if something could be done about Replicant not detecting current UK simcards. I've tried half a dozen pay as you go (prepaid?) simcards from various providers and one from a contract/subscription. Not a single one of them work.However I've noticed that the app "dumbphone assistant" does not appear to see the simcard itself so there could be something there..
All the best
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