[Replicant] libsamsung-ipc and Ubuntu-3.18

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Mon Mar 29 00:02:23 UTC 2021


Sensiblemn pointed me to the following repository:

Does ipc-modem works on Ubuntu somehow with a 3.18 kernel? Did you
manage to call someone with it? Which repository / branch did you use
for the kernel?

I'd be interested as I've been having issues with the Replicant 11
kernel + libsamsung-ipc where I can boot the modem, send and receive
messages but not yet call a number nor register to the network.

While I'm in the process of debugging it, that information might be

Beside that I've also looked at the commit to adapt it to Ubuntu[1] and
both changes could be somehow integrated upstream in some other form:
- For the change about I9300_MODEM_IMAGE_DEVICE, we now have code that
  search for several paths, but it's not yet used in devices/i9300.
- For the rest of the patch, "#define IPC_DEVICE_NAME=i9300" would
  probably work as well. It is used in Android.mk but it probably needs
  to be added to the autotools as well.


PS: I've cc-ed the Replicant mailing list.

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