[Replicant] [libsamsung-ipc] Various fixes made while working to add RFS to ipc-modem

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Wed Sep 1 14:25:21 UTC 2021


I've now a version of ipc-modem with RFS support[1] (based on the
patch sent by Tony Garnock-Jones) that uses threads, and I already
tested it on real hardware on top of Replicant 6.

It seemed to work but I could not tell if it made a difference or not
as I don't seem to have any device that requires RFS to be started to
work. So far I only tested it on Replicant 6 with the Galaxy SIII
(GT-I9300). I'll also test it on GNU/Linux with the Replicant 11
kernel later on.

While that work is not ready yet I made many patches while working on
it, which are now ready, so here they are.

They all pass the testpatch test, and all the tests and they were also
tested on a Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300) with the ipc-test-static utility (I
called my number with that and hang up when I saw the call).

They were also build tested with guix and the scripts/guix.scm script,
with Trisquel 9 and Replicant 6, Trisquel 9 and Replicant 11, and with
Replicant 4.2 and Trisquel 7.

[1] https://git.replicant.us/contrib/GNUtoo/hardware_replicant_libsamsung-ipc
    in the GNUtoo/patches-todo/ipc-modem-rfs-from-Tony-Garnock-Jones-v2 branch

How to get the patches:
In addition to the patches that will follow in a response to
this mail, here's an URL to the see the patches in a web interface:

And here's how to get them in a git repository:
git clone https://git.replicant.us/GNUtoo/hardware_replicant_libsamsung-ipc
cd hardware_replicant_libsamsung-ipc
git show 7ee1273120791fd6f4ad690c0913223bd3c980a9


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