Android App Repo Suggestions

Ted Smith teddks at
Tue Oct 19 23:16:15 UTC 2010

From @graziano:
> @tedks For the moment the only way to add a new libre app to our test
> repo is to email me a link to the app sources AND apk !replicant

There are a lot of awesome free apps that I'd like to see in Replicant's
repo. Some of these would be in Replicant's repo before they land in
Google's repo, if people move fast enough ;-)

      * AnkiDroid: A spaced-repetition memorization program, based on
        the free software program Anki. Package:
        <> Source: <> GPLv3+
      * APG: Android Privacy Guard - an OpenPGP implementation for
        Android, compatible with the free software K9 mail client.
        <> Source: <> License: Apache License 2.0
      * Astrid: a Task/Todo manager. Package:
        <> Source: <> License: GPLv2
      * ZXing: A very popular free software barcode reader app. Package:
        <> Source: <> License: Apache License 2.0
      * ConnectBot: an SSH client for Android. Package:
        <> Source: <> License: Apache License 2.0
      * Mustard: An OStatus client. Package:
        Source: <> License: GPLv2+
      * ORBot: Tor for Android Package:
        <> Source: svn co License: 3BSD
      * OTRChat: OTR-encrypted XMPP client. Package:
        <> Source: <> License: Apache 2.0
      * Reddit is Fun: Client for the free-software social news site Package:
        <> Source: <> License: GPLv3
      * Simple scrobbler: and scrobbler.
        <> Source: <> License: Apache License 2.0
      * Tesla: A remote control app for several free software media
        players on GNU/Linux. Package:
        <> Source: <> License: GPLv3 (this seems like a very good app to include, since it also is an added benefit to GNU/Linux users, and people are typically impressed by someone using a phone as a remote for their computer.)
      * Transdroid: A BitTorrent client CONTROLLER app. Package:
        <> Source: <> License: GPLv3
      * Moonblink: Various games and other fun things. Most notably, an
        Android implementation of the Tricorder from Star Trek.
        Packages: <>
        Source: <>
        License: GPLv2

That's all (for today ;-) )!

It would probably be a good idea for Replicant to adopt some official
policy for repo access, so that Graziano can get some help.
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