'Market' app suggestion

Aaron Williamson aaron at copiesofcopies.org
Fri Oct 22 14:05:11 UTC 2010

Hi Ciaran,

On 10/21/2010 05:46 AM, Ciaran Gultnieks wrote:
> I've been working for a while on a FOSS 'market' replacement, largely to
> scratch a personal itch, as I hate the Google Market with a passion
> (further reading: http://ciarang.com/posts/android-market-gripes). I
> became aware of the Replicant project last week (I currently run GAOSP,
> with some proprietary stuff manually removed) and noticed you have the
> same requirement. If it makes sense for you, I'd be delighted if you'd
> like to use my solution in some way or another.

Excellent!  Thanks for your work on this.  I got started on a market app some
time ago before APKtor was released, and was working from the (much more
painful) SlideME codebase.  I hadn't had time to take a run at patching APKtor
to comply with FOSS licenses, so I'm glad you did.

> Additionally, while Aptoide's original design is just a non-Google way
> to install apps (and seems to be used most popularly as a source of paid
> apps without paying, from what I can tell) this is designed specifically
> as a FOSS repository, so things such as License, Source Code links,
> Issue Tracker links, are inherent.

I just downloaded f-droid, but while I see the license abbreviation on the app
list and app detail screens, I don't see source code links, full license text,
or issue tracker links.  Are these things you haven't built in to the Android
app itself yet, and are just in your repo XML, or am I missing something?


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