'Market' app suggestion

Aaron Williamson aaron at copiesofcopies.org
Fri Oct 22 14:40:50 UTC 2010

On 10/22/2010 10:19 AM, Ciaran Gultnieks wrote:
> This might be just my low quality UI design. Press the menu button on
> the app details screen and you should see it.

My fault -- I should have tried the menu button.  I don't think there's anything
wrong with this design.  My only suggestion would be that "Install" should be a
button on the detail screen, but the rest can hide in the menu.

> Let me know if you still don't see it. (There is no full license text
> yet, but my thought was to have that pop up if you click the license
> abbreviation)

I think that's a good solution.  You could also add it to the menu (possibly
replacing "Install" if you take my suggestion above).

One question about how you're generating the repo.xml -- APKtor's script just
pulls information out of the APK (which doesn't include any license
information).  Are you adding the additional metadata manually?


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