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Graziano graziano at
Tue Dec 14 08:34:02 UTC 2010

 On Fri, 10 Dec 2010 18:03:43 -0800, David Sterry <david at> 
> Hello all,

 Hi David,

 really sorry for the late reply.

 I am slowly catching up with my mail. :)

> I recently purchased a NOOkcolor and rooted the device.


> I have
> installed F-Droid and have tested a number of apps from the repo. In
> IRC, someone asked me where the sources were for the NOOKcolor and I
> located them.
> links to a 118mb file and it's from this legal page at Barnes and
> Noble

 It's wonderful.

 I was talking with Gnutoo the other day. He told me he needs more 
 details to be able to build Replicant for this device, such as "the 
 configuration files".

 Could you provide them?
 It would be great if we could start to support tablets too.

 The MotoPad running Android 3.0 will arrive in January. :)

 Graziano Sorbaioli
 Founder, LibrePlanet Italia

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