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Tue Dec 14 18:38:56 UTC 2010

Hello everybody.

Nice idea the one of the repo. I'm interested in the procedure for adding the apps too, I was going to ask about it when I've red the answer. Anyway I have some more questions. First, about nasty apps doing something hidden, what I know is that when you install an app, usually you can see which kind of permission it requires, but if it just asks to use network, how can I know if it will do anything dirty? :-P Or is it there a permission blacklist to look at?

Second question is: I own a Freerunner with android cupcacke (for the moment), then the apps I have are tested just on android on freerunner 1.5: following the previous rules, are als apps for that version elegible to be included in the repo?

Thank you

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> > Just out of curiosity...   what's the
> process to add an application to
> > the FDroid market? 
> > 
> You can submit suggestions here:
> Worth checking if it's already in there first though, since
> most
> submissions are:
> Note the criteria for inclusion - obviously it must be
> FOSS, but also
> "Software that reports user activity without permission
> (e.g. via Google
> Analytics) or tracks user behaviour (e.g. most advertising
> platforms) is
> specifically excluded from FDroid’s own repository, as is
> software with
> the primary purpose of interacting with a non-Free network
> service. "
> As and when Replicant has it's own repository, the criteria
> may be
> different from these.
> Regards,
> Ciaran
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