Reviews and Ratings for F-Droid

David Sterry david at
Tue Dec 14 23:03:39 UTC 2010

Hello all,

After using F-Droid with my device, I wanted to suggest that there be a 
rating and review feature added to the program. I realize there's a spam 
issue that one would want to avoid but if the system requires an account 
(perhaps linked to the F-Droid website account database) for ratings 
(1-5 stars) and some sort of captcha for reviews, it would really help 
a) to help new users find the highest quality programs for their need 
and b) to help users guage the popularity of the F-Droid system as a whole.

We can't ignore the social aspect of mobile software adoption and seeing 
lot of ratings for any app shows people that there are others using 
F-Droid. Then they may be more inclined to recommend it, and Replicant 
in turn, to their friends and colleagues.


David Sterry

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