French translation for FDroid submitted, resources in Quebec/Montreal

Fabián Rodríguez magicfab at
Wed Dec 15 14:55:15 UTC 2010


Last night I submitted a French translation for the FDroid project. I
also invited my local LUG members to submit other translations.

I am new to this list but have followed the Replicant project for some
time now.  I started a local Android users group [1] where I try to
advocate and document rooting such devices and installing free software
on them - and avoiding being abused by phone providers. I also initially
started the Android Free software list on the Koumbit wiki [2] - glad to
see FDroid may make it irrelevant soon :)

I hope to be useful to this list, if anyone needs local resources or
information about Android in Quebec or Montreal specifically, let me
know and maybe I can help.


Fabián Rodríguez
FSF member since 2005 - #3877


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