smartphones at and the replicant project

Antonio Gallo tonicucoz at
Thu Dec 16 09:17:55 UTC 2010


I'm a member of the h-node project, that is a database of all the hardware that work with a fully free operating system ( We are valuating the possibility to add smart-phones to the list of hardware at

It seems that the Replicant OS comply with the objectives of the h-node project since it is fully free.. it will be the only distro (for smart-phones) allowed at

I would also ask if all the firmware required by the Replicant OS is free and/or if some piece of non-free software is provided or suggested in order to make things work.

We are also discussing about the best way in order to specify the level of compatibility of a smart-phone with Replicant. You can find below the links to the discussions

perhaps you should also read this:

I would really like to hear your opinions.. :)



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