Quiero Instalar Replicant en mi Htc Magic

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Tue Mar 22 08:59:56 UTC 2011

>Buenas Días.

>Hola, Disculpen si mi E-mail esta en español es que poco hablo ingles.
Yes, but OUR Spanish isn't good either.
I can understand what you wrote, but I lack the needed training to give
competent answers in a fluent Spanish at the moment, sry.
I strongly suggest to excercise English.
It's very useful when internationally communicating, not only to talk with "green go!"s ;-)
I'm basically Swiss-German and my mother Language is Aucra, but I don't force other
people to fizzle, if they wanna talk with me, I learn THEIR language :-)

>Estoy interesado en instalar Replicant en mi móvil pero no entiendo como lograr hacerlo.
First it has to be "rooted", then you need images provided by GNUtoo and install it
either in flash or on SD-Card.
Then you need to flash the replicant kernel.
I hope GNUtoo or someone else will post the links later.
I'm not in ATM where the repo is located.

>Por favor si pudieran poner paso a paso de como se debe hacer la instalación y todo
>lo que se debe hacer y se necesita para su instalación se los agradecería.
Well, it will certainly be in English. So if you can't read these answers, you're lost
anyway :-)

>Uso Ubuntu 10.10 y de allí he intentado pero nada.
Was most likely. Most recent version.

>Saludos me despido desde Venezuela
Ah, nice rainforest, nice coffee, good tobacco and good food.

best regards
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