Mary-Anne's self introduction

Mary-Anne Wolf mgwmgw at
Tue Mar 22 13:16:18 UTC 2011

Hi, I'm Mary-Anne.

I heard about Replicant at Planet Libre just recently, 
and I would like to participate.
However, I do not own a smart phone.
I carry a trak phone which is just used for making phone calls,
and mostly sits turned off in my car.

I live outside of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

I am a very experienced, but unemployed, software engineer,
mostly Java with a little PHP.  I used to do C, years ago.
I have used emacs since the 1980's and I have dreamed in C.

I have no mobile experience, and I am thinking that working
on Replicant might also help me to find a job by giving me some,
not to mention overcoming some of the evil things which are done
about software rights on cell phones.

I expect to have more time now than when I get a job.

I am thinking that the relationship between Replicant and Android
will become similar to the relationship between MythTV and TIVO.
As best as I recall, MythTV is restrictive about what hardware it
works with, and TIVO is used by a lot more people.  What should we
learn from that?

I have been puzzling over how I can contribute when the usual way
to contribute seems to be testing whether Replicant works on the
smart phone one happens to own.

Is there some wish-list of applications that people strongly wish
existed on F-droid?  Maybe I should start there.
My primary computer is a Mac laptop.  I also have some linux boxes.

I am okay with any licenses the rest of you agree to.
I would prefer to use Replicant's own logo, not the android one,
if that still needs to be decided.


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