HTC Magic & Replicant 0008 - test plan results

Brian Kemp brian.kemp at
Fri Jul 15 04:23:55 UTC 2011

This wasn't a "full" test plan - I didn't add the proprietary wifi &
broadcom drivers, and I used paulk's experimental camera libraries...but
I tested everything else.

Hardware: HTC Magic (T-Mobile US MyTouch 3G), SIM Unlocked
Carrier: AT&T
Tester: Broam
Date of Test: 2011-07-13 19:11Z

Test: *
Pass: +
Fail: -
Not Tested: =


* Local audio plays (change ringtone; uses ringer volume)
+ Ringer volume (volume/up down keys) works on homescreen
+ Selection of ringtone works

* DTMF in dialer plays (uses media volume)
+ Works.


* Vibrator functions (mute ringer volume)
+ Works


* Signal Strength Indicator shows signal strength
+ I have signal

* Mobile Operator detected/displayed in notification pull-down
+ Some "@" symbols show up. My operator is AT&T@
(Note: I have seen T-Mobile@@ when I use my T-Mobile SIM but I did not
test it this time)

* Outgoing call dials (suggested to a toll-free number)
+ yes

* Outgoing call rings
+ yes

* Outgoing call connects

* Incoming call rings

* Incoming call connects

* In-Call: Can hear remote audio in earpiece
+ I am able to hear remote end

* In-Call: Remote can hear you speaking into microphone
~ There is some echo but it has too much latency to be the echo that
most phone users expect. It does not sound right.

* Call disconnects properly on hangup
+ Yes.

* Missed call notification
+ yes

* Voice mail notification
+ yes. removed on clearing voice messages.


* Outgoing messaging sends message
+ yes

* Message reaches proper destination ("SMS bug")
= This is hard to verify :(

* Incoming messaging received (leave phone on home screen)
+ yes

* Incoming messaging received (in messaging application)
+ yes

* Incoming messaging received (other app active)
+ yes


* EDGE connects (US: AT&T users)
- did not work first boot.
+ turning data on and then rebooting worked!
+ subsequent on/off data works!
+ turning off, rebooting, and turning on works!
Here's hoping I don't get a big bill. 3 sites shouldn't be much data.

* 3G connects (US: T-Mobile + All European users)
= I don't have T-Mobile with a data plan at the moment, so I could not
test 3G. I will assume because EDGE works, 3G will work as well...but I
could be wrong.

* MMS test (expensive)
= not tested.

* Test web browser (on small web page, like
+ worked!

* Set up USB networking
= not tested


* Install application success
+ yes

* Remove application success
+ yes

* GPS gets a fix (test w/ OSMDroid?)
! We need to turn mock locations off in the build.
+ Fix took a bit, but expected. OSMDroid found me at my house.
(Note: OSMDroid requires internet access to download tiles, but if
they're cached on your SDcard it will keep using them.)

= My hardware is bad - accelerometers don't even work in CyanogenMod 6;
fail with I/O error. Guessing it's my particular handset.

--Brian Kemp
brian.kemp at
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