GTA04 - Any roadmap ?

PaulK paulk at
Thu May 17 18:55:46 UTC 2012

Le jeudi 17 mai 2012 à 18:38 +0200, calypso at a écrit :
> I just wondered if Replicant is looking for Betatesters since there were
> announcements at the gta04-owner-list and on your website.

Well, we are not particularly looking for beta-testers yet as most
components aren't working already (there is not a lot to test

> Do you already have a roadmap or timeline for gta04 implementation ?

Things are going slowly as I'm the only one involved, and it is hard for
me to find time to improve things significantly on a daily basis. 
To keep you posted: I'm currently working on the audio part. I have
nearly achieved the output part (the android music player works, etc)
but I still need a way to detect headphones plug and input is more
problematic as I need audio downsampling. That will be done though, and
certainly before the end of this week.

Next steps will be: power management, battery/backlight support and
graphics speed improvement. I think we will release a set of images at
this point. Then, we'll add support for the "hardest" parts, Modem/3G
and Wifi/Bluetooth, along with GPS and sensors. This is going to take
much longer and we'll probably release images when significant progress
is made. 

I have made a page to hold GTA04 status at:
and it'll probably give more details as development goes on.

Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

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