Looking to help develop Replicant

Matt Ivie matt.ivie at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 01:56:52 UTC 2012


I understand that a complete unit is hard to come by right now. Is it
possible to just get a board and some components to work on to start
with? The main thing is that I can't afford to get the main board right
now. If I had that I could buy other components one at a time as stock
became available or as I could afford them.

I'm open to suggestion. I just want to help to get replicant running on
the gta04 as much as I can.


Hi Matt,

Am 18.07.2012 um 05:50 schrieb Matt Ivie:

> Hi everyone,
> I am looking to help out with the Replicant project. I currently have

that is great!

> Nexus S but find the fact that it requires so many non-free drivers to
> be unacceptable. I really want to look at the long-term picture here
> have a phone available that everyone can use with all free software.

Yes, that is also our goal and because we know what a pain it is
do develop for an undocumented device, we try our best to make it
i.e. well documented.

> It was suggested to me that I look into getting a gta04 to develop on
> that we can get Replicant fully running on it sooner. I am not a
> experience developer so I'm just learning as I go along. But I do want
> to see this happen. 
> So the purpose of this post is that it was suggested to me by someone
> interested in Replicant that I should send a message out on this
> list to see if there was any way to get a functioning gta04 for
> development. I can't afford to purchase one right now but I can't get
> started without one. I'll leave it at that.

I.e. you are looking for someone who can lend his/her for some time
or someone else to sponsor a unit.

Unfortunately, production of further GTA04 boards has stalled so that
only 2 or 3 complete devices are left over (i.e. GTA04 boards built into
Openmoko Freerunner cases). So if someone would like to help to get
you one of these, please raise finger(s).


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