Install Replicant 4.0 002 on Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)

Stefan Nagy public at
Wed Feb 13 16:11:35 UTC 2013


I just want to report that it seems to be impossible to install
Replicant 4.0 002 on my I9000. Since I tried for some hours now and did
everything several times I'm quite sure I did everything as described in
the installation howto on the Replicant wiki.

What I did:
- Flash a stock ROM with Heimdall (XWJVZ_heimdall.tar.gz I found that in
the XDA forums). Confirm that it works.
- Install CyanogenMod 10.0 as described at [1]. Confirm that it works.
- Install Replicant as described at [2].

After that all I got was the official Galaxy S start screen. Recovery
mode wasn't accessible, all I had left was download mode. So I tried to
flash Replicant's boot.img, all I got then was the official start screen
and then a screen with "Galaxy S CyanogenMod". My phone restarted agin
and again.

I'm sure the files are the correct ones from [3] and that they were
downloaded correctly. The sticker on my phones says GT-I9000 (so it
seems to be the international version).

I decided to use CyanogenMod again since this is my only phone I need
every day but if someone has a clue what I could do to get Replicant
working I'd be glad to give it a try.



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