GTA04 Status, Questions and work to be done now.

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at
Wed Apr 3 16:33:20 UTC 2013


we must discuss the following(IRC is preferable for me):

1)Parallel make is broken with the GTA04, can you fix it?

2)did you read the multiboot thread on the gta04 mailing list, we might
want to incorporate the potential developer changes in replicant...

3)I've only a GTA04 A3 => I cannot do the audio..., and I've some
issues with the audio(the tinyalsa uttilities do work if I set the
mixer commands manually(quite long to do) but playing in the default
player(Apollo) doesn't work and EINVAL(-22) probably on the format),
should I try to get an A4/A5 or could you do it?

4)in my 3.8 kernel, do we get rid of all the android-3.8 changes? and
keep only the necessary stuff(adb,wakelocks,binder etc...)? or do we
keep it as-is?

5)how to handle the mount of the Storage partition, I guess it's not in

6)I fixed the hayes ril for replicant 4.0 (it still lacks data though),
but as I've no audio the phone is not usable yet(I've the A3).

7)in the board files sometimes there is BOARD_USE_ and sometimes
there is BOARD_USES_, are both valid?

By the way, Here's the status of my kernel:
* Modem works
* The audio driver works but I couldn't make Apollo work
* Screen work but seem to have a strange refresh when comming back from
  suspend...maybe a(bad) kernel parameter?
* I hope that Neil Brown will fix the cpufreq soon, because right now
  we're stuck at low speed(like 300Mhz)
* I should really try again to reproduce that Adb crash with my new
  setup(it seems to crash less).
* touchscreen of course still work.
* adb does work fine but makes a kernel panic at shutdown.
* backlight does work, including in GUI.
* pressing the power button makes it suspend or resume according to
  what state it's currently in.


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