Replicant 4.0: GTA04-Kernel

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Wed Jul 10 19:19:41 UTC 2013

I am now successful to compile Replicant 2.3 and 4.0 (on Darwin / OS X) and the resulting systems run on the GTA04 board.
It needs some special considerations for setting up the host toolchain and one patch of the source tree (for 2.3 only).

What I am wondering and trying to understand is why Replicant 4.0 uses an apparently older kernel.

2.3 => 3.2.21
4.0 => 3.0.78

So maybe someone can explain since I thought that the 2.3 kernel should be at least a good basis for Replicant 4.0
and/or 4.0 should have a newer kernel.

And just as a side-note: it appears that the BeagleBoard hackers are already running Android 4.2.2 on a 3.8 kernel:!topic/beagleboard/Yc8CdtU5MEs

So I am in doubt how much efforts I should put into a maybe old kernel to adapt things?


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