Status Replicant 4.0 on GTA04?

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at
Fri Jul 12 18:45:52 UTC 2013

Le vendredi 05 juillet 2013 à 14:09 +0200, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller a
écrit :
> > * No WiFi support but hopefully other Android devices have the same chip
> > so we could reuse code
> Do we need special code for this? IMHO it is just iwconfig/ifconfig up/down stuff
> and configuration. Everything else should be done by the kernel. Well, maybe
> locating the binary blob needs some udev rule or a comparable mechanism.

It seems like Android is a bit non-standard in the way it deals with
WiFi, but it shouldn't be a big deal. Most likely, we won't have to
write much code, but the least to do is to provide userspace with the
module name and the proper arguments (for instance the firmware

> > * No camera support
> Camera may be difficult since the camera infrastructure in the kernel has changed
> at least 3 times between 2.6 and 3.7 so that only some pieces work and rarely
> everything.

I think I'll look into it in the end. That's far from being my top
priority at the moment.

> One question: is the kernel based on Rowboat or is it a stock kernel?
> And which version is it? The console log appears to say 3.0.72.

It's the Android common kernel for ICS (version 3.0) with the gta04
board file and a couple drivers on top.

I also have a sort-of-working rowboat (2.6.37) kernel here.

> I was now successful to run my self-compiled version on a GTA04!
> It is running quite well and has fancy debugging features like drawing
> the touch screen trace in front of all applications. By this it is easy to
> estimate the touch jitter.

Yep, that's the Android interface wonders :)

> I would add to the list:
> * use new dejittered touch screen driver
> * lighting the green LED when charging was a nice feature on 2.3
> * add more display drivers for the Letux 3704 and Letux 7004 variants
> * add a battery driver for L3704/L7004 which have no HDQ information

We must keep note of this so that we don't forget to do it when we have
the basics (PM) there.

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