Replicant 4.0 0004 images release

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at
Mon Jul 22 08:46:06 UTC 2013

The last months have been rather calm for Replicant development, no big
changes or improvements were made. That doesn’t mean the project
stalled: instead, we added support for some new devices. The previous
set of images added support for the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1/7.0 in their 3G
versions and we were requested to provide images for the WiFi-only
flavors of these tablets as well. Since it only requires very little
work, we were able to quickly fulfill that request, even though we
couldn’t test it ourselves (you’re more than welcome to spot and report
issues about these devices).

However, the biggest part of what motivated us to build and release new
images is the support for the Galaxy S3 device in its international
GT-I9300 GSM version (not the LTE one or any other country-specific
variant). Currently, only graphics acceleration, camera and GPS support
are missing (some other features may need non-free firmwares that run on
separate chips). A couple of other things are also missing due to
technical limitations (NFC, FM radio).

We are still trying hard to bring Replicant to the Goldelico GTA04, but
it couldn’t make it to that release either as we still need help
bringing a reliable Android kernel to that platform (DM37x).

A more complete changelog is also available, highlighting in details
what was changed. Special thanks to the team at CyanogenMod who fixed
EXIF in the free Galaxy S2 camera module implementation I wrote but was
too lazy to correctly implement EXIF into.

You can download the images from the ReplicantImages page and find
installation instructions as well as build guides on the Replicant wiki.

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