question about licensing

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at
Sat Jul 27 10:13:57 UTC 2013

Le vendredi 26 juillet 2013 à 22:42 -0400, Rob Roberson a écrit :
> I just installed the android SDK this week, and well, I READ the
> license agreement. Wut? I know, crazy, but it specifically states you
> won't use the SDK to cause a fork in Android. 

> Are you working around this by not using the SDK?

We do not have to use the Google Android SDK to make Replicant. As the
source code we use if free software, there is no issue at all with that.
We evaluated the Google Android SDK license issue and it turns out it
doesn't apply to any component since every single one of them
distributed in the SDK package is free software (but the things you
might install on top like the Google apps are obviously concerned by
this license).

Moreover, we have produced our own free software SDK for Ice Cream

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